Started from the bottom, now FundSocially is here

Looking to develop a new, event planning app that was relevant, easy to use, and all-inclusive, digital agency Hudson, rose to the challenge to assist their client in the creation of FundSocially.


A Hudson client presented the idea of creating a party planning app while integrating both event planning and funding into one. The main challenge was to develop a product that simplified the process of event planning along with establishing a brand that could attract different audiences. After much research and collaboration, Hudson provided their client with a unique brand, including a logo, colors, fonts, and voice.

Moreover, an SEO strategy was implemented to ensure the website’s structure and content worked together to follow best practices. Through this, Hudson conducted user tests to determine how potential users would interact with the platform. The feedback helped in making design updates to improve the user interface and overall experience. This development project came to be known as FundSocially.


FundSocially is now known as a new event planning platform that allows users to create, plan, and fund any type of event. Hudson continues to optimize the app based on user feedback, and looks forward to helping FundSocially expand its reach.


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