Cover FX
Cover FX

CoverFX: Website Makeover

Known as a high-quality makeup brand, CoverFX was in need of a website makeover. With the help of Huemor web design agency, CoverFX was able to identify the main issues customers were facing and develop solutions in order to create a better experience.


With the launch of their new, natural finish campaign, CoverFX collaborated with Huemor to amplify their strategy. Their goal was to quickly and effectively build out new content pages while optimizing for mobile and desktop conversions. Through research, Huemor collected data on site interactions using Google Analytics & Hotjar. These tools allowed CoverFX to discover where customers were running into issues and the solutions they could use to resolve these problems.

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As a result, Huemor created a more focused homepage by adding clearer content and reducing the overall length, improved the product pages by sending customers on an easy and direct path, and optimized each page for mobile to create a consistent display. With the new implementations in place, Huemor created a better user experience and increased overall website conversions.


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