Digital: “Clearly” the Future of the Eyeglass Industry

As one of the fastest-growing online eyewear retailers in the world, Clearly is giving consumers an affordable and convenient way to buy contact lenses. And, to tackle the challenges of shopping for glasses online, they teamed up with Huge digital agency to rethink the approach.


With only 4% of consumers buying eyewear online, Clearly recognized that people needed a more confidence-building shopping experience. Teaming up with Huge, Clearly was looking for a new, personalized digital experience designed to improve customer confidence and simplify the decision-making process.

With this in mind, Huge developed a tool that solved the problem of fit, by allowing users to see only frames that fit their face based on information from their existing frames. This personalized experience attracts people who may be hesitant to purchase glasses online for the first time and to ensure customer loyalty.

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With the assistance from Huge, Clearly will be able to adapt the online experience because of the implementation of a Content Management System integrated with its existing eCommerce platform. ( is an example of the future toward a digital vision that will change the way people buy eyewear and will transform the eyeglass industry.


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