Adidas NMD Campaign
Adidas NMD Campaign

Adidas Launches Instagram Campaign to Enhance the Digital Experience

Partnering with Firstborn Digital Agency, Adidas promoted their "Forever Developing” campaign, merging film photography techniques with a mobile mindset to create a unique customer experience.


For the launch of the 3rd generation NMD shoe line, Adidas needed a digital campaign to target the Urban Nomad—creators always on the go, inspired by urban environments. With the help of Firstborn, an integrated campaign called Forever Developing was formed. The campaign was placed exclusively on Instagram, merging film photography techniques with a mobile mindset.

In the docu-style content series, the campaign followed two film photographers as they curated a collection of the tools they used to create that centered around a pair of NMDs. Each photographer’s narrative was broken into 5 chapters, released on Instagram Stories. A simple swipe up lead users to an interactive article that took them deeper into the creative tools and the art of film photography.

To close out each story, Forever Developing encouraged people to take a photo inside a custom 360° Google Street View experience and upload it to their own accounts for a chance to win the photographer’s collections. These contest submissions added to the web of awareness created for the upcoming launch of the NMD.

To bookend the digital experience, fans were invited to move from behind the lens to inside of it with installations of the world’s oldest camera: the Camera Obscura. The functional camera developed unique photos from the event and doubled as an event space to showcase influencers’ collections.

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Firstborn created a mobile-first campaign that increased awareness for the NMD launch and drove engagement with Adidas’ core audience resulting in over 10MM earned impressions in the first 48 hours. The campaign was so successful that Adidas asked Firstborn to extend the creative from the original B2C audience to their B2B audience of retail partners. With that, Firstborn created two additional docu-series featuring new micro-influencers from Chicago and NYC that catered specifically for Champs and its social channels to promote the NMD launch in-store.


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