AARP Media Sales
AARP Media Sales

AARP thinks mobile first with responsive website

AARP’s website was creating issues for advertisers to track important information, but with the help from digital marketing agency, Inovāt, they were able to overcome the problem

<h2> Solution</h2>

Supporting over 37 million members through major milestones and life shifts at middle age and beyond, AARP delivers relevant content across an array of media channels providing unique opportunities for advertisers looking to reach a 50+ audience. However, despite the notoriety and success of AARP, advertisers were running into issues on their website. While AARP’s online media kit offered advertising information, it it was difficult to navigate in order to find important information such as rates, dates and specifications and inefficient to track and update.


With the assistance of Inovāt, AARP was able to renew the visual style and usability of the site with Inovāt's development and user experience updates, revise content to lead advertisers to the most relevant information, and create goal tracking to allow the media sales team to gain insight on how advertisers were using the site. By providing advertisers with a cleaner, more modern design and user experience, Inovāt succeeded in increasing page views by 55% while increasing other key performance indicators by 69%


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