The Benefits of Mobile Marketing
The Benefits of Mobile Marketing

The Benefits of Mobile Marketing

With more than three-quarters of U.S. population owning smartphones, mobile marketing is becoming a significant solution to reach customers in the most direct way – on their personal devices.

Because so many people are using mobile devices, business that take advantage of mobile marketing are finding it an effective way to establish a direct connection between their brand and their customers. By leveraging a mobile marketing strategy, businesses can build customer loyalty, generate a higher return on marketing efforts, drive conversions, and ultimately provide a more consistent and seamless experience.

To make the most of your mobile presence, here are 3 ways that mobile marketing can benefit your business:


  • According to industry stats, 2/3 of consumers shop in more than one channel, and consumers who do so are typically a brand’s most valuable customer. As brands continue to put major emphasis on marketing across all touch-points, businesses should look to bridge the gap between their marketing efforts by keeping a consistent, cross-channel experience. Consumers crave consistency and businesses that can provide consistent experiences across channels will quickly earn trust and build credibility.


  • One of the most attractive things about mobile marketing is its immediacy. With 97% of your messages opened within three minutes of receipt, customers can be encouraged to respond right away or act faster. This makes it ideal for messages of urgent nature because it is one of the fastest ways to get in touch with your customers.


  • Another benefit of mobile marketing is that it is a cost-efficient way to reach your target customer. At just a fraction of the cost of other advertisements, mobile marketing is a smart solution to enhance your marketing efforts. With its low cost, you will be able to send messages or retarget consumers to increase your chances of creating a conversion.

Mobile marketing is an efficient way to reach today’s consumers in the most relevant way while increasing engagement, building brand trust, and enhancing your marketing efforts. With smartphones being the main hub for how consumers view the web, considering a mobile marketing strategy would be key to benefiting your business


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